About Us


Team Novena was first formed by the Holy Spirit coming to me one day with the thought and message that prayer among people was becoming weak.  I took this message as an opportunity to come up with a way to bring prayer back into the lives of many who are venturing further away from God, by providing a form of prayer to help them realize He never left them. The Holy Spirit told me the name for this prayer family, from that day fourth we were knows as Team Novena!

I am truly blessed; I never knew or thought I could grow Team Novena as fast as I did.  Each time that I thought no more could be done, the Holy Spirit found a way to keep pushing me to find ways for it to grow in numbers.  With the help of fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we were able to spread the word about Team Novena and help it grow.  We now have provided access to the novena’s via many social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and our own App….Team Novena along with this site which features an online store!!

We’ve created this online store with merchandise that will help grown Team Novena, where a portion of the profits from proceeds will go to supporting charities later to be named along with Church events!  Our future plan is to have Team Novena sponsored events where Team Novena members can come out and support!

 May God bless you all!

~Team Novena Family~

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